A very useful foods to eat in a fitness diet or general – part 3

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Today I want to talk about one really interesting food product “Ethiopian tahini” and another more famous “soya”. I’m sure it will courage you to try these two great products for the sack of your fitness diet.

Ethiopian tahini

Tahini is at the top of the two lists of minerals that we need to put more emphasis on, iron and calcium. While standard crude tahini has 9 mg iron in 100 grams of tahini, Ethiopian tahini has 29 mg of iron in 100 grams, this means that in Ethiopian tahini tablespoon there is 4.5 mg, in 2 spoons there is more iron than the recommended amount for a man. Ethiopian tahini has 850 mg of calcium so that in one tablespoon of raw tahini there is about 130 mg of calcium. In addition, fine amounts of B vitamins, which are responsible for mental health and nervous system, digestive system and skin and energy production in the body.


The undisputed legume queen and that’s the reason used as the basis for making so many products. In 100 grams of fresh soybeans there are 37 grams of protein, there are 280 mg of calcium and a very fine amount of iron – 16 mg, very rich in potassium – 1800 mg, 375 kg of folic acid, and in general, a considerable amount of Group B vitamins.

Tofu has 17 grams of protein at 100 grams and 270 mg of calcium.
Soy contains phytoestrogens which are essential components of the plant that balance the hormonal system and thus protect against cancer, especially cancers linked to breast and prostate hormones. After reviewing numerous studies in the 2016 Meta-Analysis, the American Nutrition Organization published a position paper that promotes soy consumption and soy products. Many studies link the soy with heart protection, improving blood vessel elasticity.

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