A very useful foods to eat in a fitness diet or general – part 2

A very useful foods to eat in a fitness diet or general – part 2

Lets talk a bit about Oatmeal , Attention … lots of protein in front of you.


The cereal queen, even though tuff flour comes in and undermines its status, especially on iron and calcium levels, and still, in oats has the largest amount of protein, 16% of which is protein. It does not contain gluten, although some may think so, because caution is taken with it because sometimes it absorbs gluten from other grains next to it. It has a high level of dietary fiber, it cleanses the digestive system and contributes to heart health. It has beautiful amounts of iron, folic acid, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium.

Have ever heard about Spirulina?


A kind of multivitamin from nature, it is one of the first plants on earth from the plants we know today. NASA and European Space Agencies used it as food for space astronauts in the 1980s 57% – 70% of the spirulina plant is a protein that contains mainly minerals, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium , many vitamins (the most prominent are K, E, C, B ).
High-quality fatty acids like omega-3 and 6-phytochemicals like chlorophyll, phenols and keratonoids.

A 2015 study from the University of Bangladesh found that spirulina improved measures of pulmonary patients and other diseases commonly found in smokers and people living in areas with heavy air pollution. The study showed a marked improvement in the condition of those receiving the spirulina supplement compared to those who did not receive it, the improvement was seen in the antioxidant-related indices and decreased cholesterol levels and triglyceride changes. A meta-analysis of 7 studies showed that there was a decrease in LDL cholesterol and an increase in HDL cholesterol. Further studies showed that spirulina strengthens the immune system and anti-inflammatory drugs.

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